Scout Zoom Principles

It is essential that any virtual Scout meeting is undertaken in a safe, secure environment, where the Scouts feel free to communicate with the leaders and their friends.

In the current Covid-19 envirnment it doesnt have to be a training exercise, but something fun that will keep them interested and involved in Scouting, and try to ensure that when face-to-face Scouting returns that they will continue to be involved.

It may be an opportunity to "undertake" some of the established training programme, but you should remember that during the days of home schooling, the last thing that they may want to do is more at Scouts.

If you have ever had to take part in a virtual meeting - you will realise that keeping attention is not soemthing that is easy, and as such we have moved on from that sort of meeting to ones where the Scouts are actively involved in doing something - whether that is cooking, cane pioneering or other practical activities.

One thing that should be borne in mind is the availability of resources available in the home environment.

In the case of cooking that isn't such an issue, but in the case of cane pioneering that is a little more difficult.

As a result we are fortunate that all parents are still paying subs, so we bought in bulk and emptied the cupboards and came up with a pack that consisted of the following:-

  • 18" and 3' canes
  • elastic bands
  • different lengths of paracord
  • glider kit
  • kite kit

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