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Future Events

We currently have no future events planned.


Scout Zoom Meetings

Below, you will find resources and advice on running your own Zoom meetings.

This may seem daunting, but we jumped in with two feet at the start of lockdown, and have been learning and refining since.

We do not profess to be experts - we are just "ordinary" Scout Leaders who felt that we wanted to continue to provide Scouting in a different way during the socially difficult time.

Our feeling is that regular contact will keep our Scouts together as a group and hopefully when we can get back to face-to-face scouting, we will not have lost any of them out of Scouting.

The resources and advice below contains information about what we have done (and hopefully - you will make suggestions for things to add) so some of the suggestions may be local to us but should give you ideas on what can be done.

We hope that you will benefit from this information, and we would welcome feedback.

One of our principles is 'Keep It SIMPLE.'


John, Barney and James

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Scout Zoom Programme

Main Idea

29th January 2021

Ginger biscuits

22nd January 2021

Meeting with activities from County Wacky-lympics

15th January 2021

Cooking pizza and base from scratch

8th January 2021

Zoom meeting - Kim's game, building tower with newspaper, quiz

Spot the Difference

18th December 2020

Walk from Outlane - through Scape and returning across the golf course to the chippy - Outdoors - Yes!

11th December 2020

Great Hogwarts Escape Room

27th November 2020

Cane Pioneering - Ballista

20th November 2020

Cooking - Quesadilla

Spot the Difference

13th November 2020

Building a bridge with lego competition.

Scout Escape Room - thanks to 2nd Wellington Scout Group

30th October 2020

Half term - meeting - inctructions sent out for cooking Bara Brith and making halloween pumpkins

23rd October 2020

Building wood fire and cooking burgers

16th October 2020

Cooking Rocky Road

Spot the Difference

25th September 2020

Cooking Chocolate Brownie

18th September 2020

Quiz etc

11th September 2020


4th September 2020

Walk around Salendine Nook and Outlane - Church to Wappy Springs - Turley Cote Rd - Outlane - Outlane Golf Club - Ainleys Roundabout - Church - 4.5 miles

28th August 2020

Picture Quiz

21st August 2020

Cooking - Rocky Road

14th August 2020

Kite Building

7th August 2020

Picture Quiz

31st July 2020

Indoor Scavenger Hunt


Spot the Difference

24th July 2020

Cooking - Jammie Dodgers

17th July 2020

Monkeys Fist

Spot the Difference

10th July 2020

Bridge - Cane Pioneering


3rd July 2020

Investing New Scouts

Arrow Launcaher - Cane Pioneering

Spot the Difference

26th June 2020

Ballista - Cane Pioneering

19th June 2020

Barney's Scout Pasta Dish

Spot the Difference

12th June 2020

Microwave Chocolate Mug Cake

Spot the Difference

5th June 2020

Drop Scones

Spot the Difference

29th May 2020

Scout Feedback on Virtual Big Camp

Armpit Fudge


Escape Room

Spot the Difference

22nd May 2020

Discussion re Virtual Big Camp

Diet and Sleep

Physical Activity


Spot the Difference

15th May 2020

Smoking, drugs and Alcohol

Spot the Difference

8th May 2020

Planning menu for virtual camp

Spot the Difference

1st May 2020

Internet Saftey


24th April 2020

Touched on issues of mental health in period of Covid-19


17th April 2020

Discussion on Virtual Big Camp.

Discussion on Walk to the Moon.


10th April 2020

Quiz based on Map and Compass


3rd April 2020

Introduction to Zoom meetings.

Preparation for next meeting.


Scavenger Hunt


Scout Zoom Resources


Spot the Difference - (A Winner - With the parents as well!)

Various available - we use Smithson - can use the date function to go to previous days (weeks etc)

Bingo - Ask the Scouts to create a 5x5 grid. In the first row they need to select any 5 numbers between 1-15. In the second row between 16-30. 3rd row 31-45. 4th row 46-60, 5th row 61-75. Call numbers at random or use bingo number generator. (We have just gone for one line, row, column or diagonal.




Microwave Chocolate Muffin - A Real hit - if using the BBC Good Food recipe - use the quantity in two mugs or it will overflow over the microwave.

Barney's Scout Pasta

Drop Scones - Always a hit with our Scouts, especially for a break on the hill - but easy for home too. Add some Fruit. We use my Mum's old Bero Book recipe - but others available.

Rocky Road


Chocolate Brownie


Bara Brith




Pizza Making


Ginger Biscuits


Here are some of the ideas that we have used.

We have put together cane pioneering packs to give to each Scout so that everyone had the items required for our projects. We bought them in bulk - but later found that Wilkinsons sell 10x2.4m bamboo canes for £3.


  • The Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction by John Austin have some really good ideas - depending on the edition they are available for about £10-£15 - some may be available second hand on eBay (if I've not bought them already)

  • Adapting the pioneering projects by John Sweet to cane pioneering is another option.

Our Packs for Scouts

  • it is cheaper to buy long canes and cut down to the desired size (if you have time)

  • 15x18" bamboo canes

  • 3x3' bamboo canes

  • 15x18' green split canes (good for bits - but not strong enough for ballistas etc)

  • approx 50 - number 18 elastic bands

  • approx 50 - number 36 elastic bands

  • should have included a plastic bottle top with 3 holes for elastic bands for holding arrows.


Arrow Launcher





Scavenger Hunt

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Quiz Night - Picture Quiz - Disney Quiz, Superheros, General knowledge

Kite Kits - Bought Online

Quiz Night - 28th August - Family Quiz, Flags, Geography, Picture

Salendine Nook Photo Trail - Document


Scout Zoom Hints + Training

Keep thing simple.

Keep the Scouts involved.

Have a time limit - an hour is about all a leader can manage.

Consider running the meetings earlier than you would normally run - we use 7 - 8pm

See also Barney's - hints, tips and best practice


Scout Zoom Principles

The Scout Association website provides information relating to this - Scout Association Website

It is essential that any virtual Scout meeting is undertaken in a safe, secure environment, where the Scouts feel free to communicate with the leaders and their friends.

In the current Covid-19 environment it doesn't have to be a training exercise, but something fun that will keep them interested and involved in Scouting, and try to ensure that when face-to-face Scouting returns that they will continue to be involved.

It may be an opportunity to "undertake" some of the established training programmes, but you should remember that during the days of homeschooling, the last thing that they may want to do is more at Scouts.

If you have ever had to take part in a virtual meeting - you will realise that keeping attention is not something that is easy, and as such we have moved on from that sort of meeting to ones where the Scouts are actively involved in doing something - whether that is cooking, cane pioneering or other practical activities.

One thing that should be borne in mind is the availability of resources available in the home environment.

In the case of cooking that isn't such an issue, but in the case of cane pioneering that is a little more difficult.

As a result, we are fortunate that all parents are still paying subs, so we bought in bulk and emptied the cupboards and came up with a pack that consisted of the following:-

  • 18" and 3' canes

  • elastic bands

  • different lengths of paracord

  • glider kit

  • kite kit