Scout Zoom Programme

Below is a summary of the programme that we have put together since lock-down.

More detailed information on plan, resources, and post meeting comments is found by using the link from the date

We hope that this is helpful:-

Date Main Idea Games
3rd April 2020

Introduction to Zoom meetings
Preparation for next meeting

Scavenger Hunt

10th April 2020 Quiz based on Map and Compass Hangman
17th April 2020 Discussion on Virtual Big Camp
Discussion on Walk to the Moon
24th April 2020 Touched on issues of mental health in period of Covid-19 Pictionary
1st May 2020 Internet Safety Bingo
8th May 2020 Planning menu for virtual camp Spot the Difference
15th May 2020 Smoking, drugs and Alcohol Spot the Difference
22nd May 2020 Discussion re Virtual Big Camp
Diet and Sleep
Physical Activity
Spot the Difference
29th May 2020 Scout Feedback on Virtual Big Camp
Armpit Fudge

Escape Room
Spot the Difference

5th June 2020 Drop Scones Spot the Difference
12th June 2020 Microwave Chocolate Mug Cake Spot the Difference
19th June 2020 Barney's Scout Pasta Dish Spot the Difference
26th June 2020 Ballista - Cane Pioneering  
3rd July 2020

Investing New Scouts
Arrow Launcher - Cane Pioneering

Spot the Difference
10th July 2020 Bridge - Cane Pioneering Bingo
17th July 2020 Monkeys Fist Spot the Difference
24th July 2020 Cooking - Jammie Dodgers  
31st July 2020 Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Spot the Difference

7th August 2020 Picture Quiz   
14th August Kite Building  
21st August Cooking - Rocky Road  
28th August Picture Quiz  
4th September Walk around Salendine Nook and Outlane - Church to Wappy Springs - Turley Cote Rd - Outlane - Outlane Golf Club - Ainleys Roundabout - Church - 4.5 miles  
11th September Photo-Trail  
18th September Quiz etc  
25th September Cooking Chocolate Brownie  
16th October Cooking Rocky Road Spot the difference
23rd October Building wood fire and cooking burgers  
30th October Half term - meeting - instructions sent out for cooking Bara Brith and making halloween pumpkins  
13th November

Building a bridge with lego competition.
Scout Escape Room - thanks to 2nd Wellington Scout Group

20th November Cooking - Quesadilla  Spot the Difference
27th November Cane Pioneering - Ballista  
11th December Great Hogwarts Escape Room  
18th December Walk from Outlane - through Scape and returning across the golf course to the chippy - Outddoors - Yes!!!!!!!!!  
8th January  Zoom meeting - Kim's game, building tower with newspaper,quiz Spot the Difference
15th January Cooking pizza and base from scratch  
22nd January Meeting with activities from County Wacky-lympics  
29th January Ginger biscuits  

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