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Church In Transition is our flexible worship pattern in response to Covid-19. As restrictions are lifted, and rules change, we are continuing to blend online services, home deliveries and in-person services.

Our latest service is posted every Sunday and can be downloaded by choosing either the digital or print edition.

The online edition is presented in a designed booklet format. The print edition is an easy read and is designed to use less ink when printing.

Latest Service

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18th July 2021

Welcome to todays service. We're in the third week of our series about being a 'Frontline Church'. This week, we look at 'Whatever We Do'. If you would like to view this weeks service, please choose either of the buttons below.

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11th July 2021

Today, we continue our Frontline Sundays services from the LICC. We are looking at how we can be a frontline 'Wherever We Are'. To view the service, choose one of the buttons below.

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4th July 2021

Today, we start a new series from the LICC called Frontline Sundays. The series looks at our frontlines and how we can share with others.

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27th June 2021

This morning's service is taken by Steven while our Pastor Ian has a free Sunday. Today is our Sunday School Anniversary. If you would like to view this morning's service, just click on either button below.

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20th June 2021

Welcome! Today is not only Sunday, but it's also Father's Day. The service today is titled 'Love With No Limits'. If you would like to view today's service, choose from either our online service (Digital) or the print edition designed to use less ink when printing.

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13th June 2021

Today's service is about 'Telling Someone About Jesus'. If you are joining us this Sunday online, you may have noticed that we have a newly designed website. If you would like to view this week's service, just click one of the buttons below. Digital is our online 'booklet' format. Print is designed to use less ink when printing. We hope that you enjoy.

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6th June 2021

Today we look at the book of Philemon. We hope that whether worshipping with us in person, or worshipping at home, you are able to feel together apart.

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23rd May 2021

Today is Pentecost Sunday. We hope that you enjoy our service.

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9th May 2021

Today's service looks at 'The Forgiveness of God'. Our Guided Bible Study Series will be recommencing on 19th May.

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2nd May 2021

In today's service, we will be looking at 'The Intervention of God'. We hope that these online services provide you with a sense of being together apart.