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The Journey
To Bethlehem

The Journey To Bethlehem

We would love for you to join us on our

Journey To Bethlehem this Christmas.

Find an event and come along!


28th November
First Sunday In Advent

We begin our Journey To Bethlehem thinking about hope and ask ourselves, Is There Any Hope?

5th December
Second Sunday In Advent

The Journey To Bethlehem continues as we think about Mary. 

Is There Hope For Mary?

11th December
Christmas Coffee Morning

Join us for fellowship with your friends and family in a relaxed setting. Our Christmas Coffee Morning is joined by Tower Brass.

12th December
Third Sunday In Advent

The shepherds, ordinary people, were the first to Journey To Bethlehem to meet the Son of God.

Is There Hope For The Shepherds?

19th December
Fourth Sunday In Advent

The wise men travelled from afar to meet Jesus.

Is There Hope For The Wise Men?

We are joined by Huddersfield Wind Band.

20th December
Community Carols

Join us to sing carols in the community. A fun-filled and heartwarming event led by Huddersfield Wind Band.

24th December
Carols By Candlelight

In a year where the seems to have been no hope, we would love for you to join us as we think about Hope Being Born because Jesus has arrived.

25th December
Christmas Morning

All are gathered around manger, at the end of our Journey To Bethlehem.


We think about our Hope For The Future.